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Cute English Baby Names - Sorted by origin, starting with w
Cute Middle Names tip: Ah, middle names: those seldom uttered but much anguished upon appendages of personal appellation. Pride of our parents, mirth of our peers, bane of our preparatory schoolyard years.The 7 Species of Middle names (which are you?)

Cute English Baby Names

In order to provide you comprehensive list of English baby names, we have added names with lot of care. The list of names is sorted by origin from Z to A direction, starting with alphabet w

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WyIltun From the farm by the spring English Boy
Wilbur From the strong fortress Willful: bright. English Boy
Weatherby From the wether sheep farm English Boy
Wacfeld From Wake's field English Boy
Witton From the wise man's estate English Boy
Whitby From the white farm English Boy
Warwyk Fortress English Boy
Windham From the windy viIlage English Boy
Wendi Literary: a created name that first appeared in James Banie's Peter Pan. English Girl
Waldron From the Welshman's hill English Boy